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Our referral program is a no hassle, no obligation way to get your site hosted for free. For each customer that you refer to us, we will give you a portion off from your monthly hosting fees. You can refer as many customers as you wish, and we will give you a credit for each customer up until the cost of your hosting account. Click here to learn more.

Billing System Completed!

Our billing system is finished, and fully operational. This system will allow you to check and modify your Contact and Billing information in real time, on our website. If you currently have an account with us, you can start using the new system here.

Perldesk Support Center Added!

In early December 2001, we added the Perldesk Support center to our site to allow you 24/7 support, with the ability to track the status of your help ticket in the process. We can also keep track of our performance at the same time. This system allows us several ways to track how good of a job we are doing in keeping you satisfied.

Interactive Billing System Coming Soon! currently has an Interactive Billing System in development that will allow you to check and modify your Contact and Billing information in real time, on our website. This will also allow us to keep better track of your important information, and make monthly Billings much more consistent and up to date. This system, combined with our Perldesk Support System should allow us to solve Billing problems much faster and accurately.

Freshly Redesigned Website...

In early 2002, we decided to redesign our website from the ground up, and give it a completely new look instead of simply updating our old site. We added several features to the new site, including the Perldesk Support System, faster loading pages, a more detailed Whois search, and the 3-step ordering process that allows you to verify your information before submitting it to us. We hope that all of these features, along with the new layout of the site will be more useful to you than our previous design. Please feel free to submit comments using the support system.

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