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Cheryl Schlehuber

I have had nothing but great service and support from the staff at Delphicomp.com My site is always up running smoothly. Thank you!

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When Delphinium Computer Solutions first opened its doors in 1998, we were not a Web Hosting Provider. In fact, we were a hosting customer just like you for the first year. The original direction of the company was Computer Hardware sales and service. After a mildy successful first year, we decided to change the direction of the company to Web Hosting and we have been here since. We have had a successful venture in the Webhosting industry, and plan to be here for many years to come.

Our Purpose...

From the beginning, our sole purpose has been customer satisfaction. It's as simple as that. We strive to be the best Hosting company by meeting your every possible need, within our abilities of course. We also hope to be the last Hosting company that you will ever need. Our support staff is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Support HelpDesk is always open, and is monitored by trained professionals around the clock. If you have a problem or question, we are there for you!

Your Importance...

Without you, our business would cease to exhist. Therefore, we encourage your input. We have dedicated a section in the Helpdesk specifically for this topic. Since you are the soul of our business, we need to know what you want to see happen, what you want changed, and what you want us to keep. We cannot act on all of the requests that we receive, but you can be assured that each and every comment is taken into the deepest consideration by the management here at Delphicomp.com

05 June, 2004
Delphicomp.com introduces their new website, so that customers can navigate freely and find information quick.

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22 January, 2004
The new Referral program is up and running. This allows you to recommend people to us and get discounts in return.

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15 May, 2003
The support center has been updated to the latest support ticket system, Perldesk. This robust support system allows us...

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