Our Network- The Heart of Delphicomp.com

Connectivity is the KEY!

Our network is connected to the world using several redundant high speed connections. Our Major backbone providers include: Verizon, Sprint, CTSI and PPL Telcom. Our connections at this time consist of Two OC192 Fiber channels, Two DS3's, and One OC3 Fiber channel. We currently have plans to add an additional 2 GBPS FIBER CHANNEL in the fourth quarter of this year. We're growing fast, and we hope you'll join us along the way!

Handling all the info:

With so much information passing through our network, there is no sense having such great connectivity without the hardware to handle all of that information. To make sure that we take full advantage of our multiple high speed connections, we use only Cisco 7206VXR series routers to get your information through to the outside world. We also use Redundant BGP4 routing to make sure that all information leaving our NOC gets to its destination in the quickest possible manner. This lightning fast combination will shine through when we are put to the test by you and your customers.

BGP Version 4 Routing, and how it affects you!

Border Gateway Protocol Version 4, otherwise known as BGP4 is Intelligent route selection based on most specific prefix and shortest Autonomous System Path. In english, it means that before your information leaves our network and heads out into the enormous World Wide Web, our systems determine the path of IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses that your information needs to travel on in order to get to its final destination in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. If someone in California is trying to access information from our servers in Pennsylvania, and a main router in Chicago is malfunctioning and causing a backup on the Internet, then our system knows to bypass Chicago and find a different route when sending the information back to California. It's speed and efficiency at its finest!

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