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Cheryl Schlehuber

I have had nothing but great service and support from the staff at Delphicomp.com My site is always up running smoothly. Thank you!

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New Website:: Delphicomp.com introduced its new website on June 5, 2004. There were several reasons for the upgrade. First off, the previous website was nearly two years old. We have grown dramatically since then, and in order to serve our customers best we needed a more efficient website. Secondly, we wished to add several new systems including the state-of-the-art Modernbill billing system, and live customer support. These two systems allow us to coordinate customer service and information much faster. They also allow you the customer to get your problems solved in a timely, efficient manner.

Referral Program:: This new program is designed to benefit our customers. We hope that our satisfied customers will recommend is to their friends and family. In order to promote this, we now offer a rewards program. Simply refer a friend or family member to us, and we will give you a $3/month per referral credit on your account. This means that in no time you could have an absolutely free hosting account with us, just for referring a friend.

New Helpdesk:: The Perldesk Helpdesk is a quick and efficient way for us to manage your support requests. Unlike general email support requests that can get lost easily, the helpdesk makes sure that we are answering your request as fast as possible. Go ahead, give it a try!
05 June, 2004
Delphicomp.com introduces their new website, so that customers can navigate freely and find information quick.

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22 January, 2004
The new Referral program is up and running. This allows you to recommend people to us and get discounts in return.

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15 May, 2003
The support center has been updated to the latest support ticket system, Perldesk. This robust support system allows us...

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